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EMCOR Group Safety
Excellence Award

Emmanuel "Manny" Trembley

Excellence Award - Emmanual Trembly 2020 Winner of EMCOR Safety Excellence in Field LeadershipManny Trembley of Environmental Specialties earned a 2020 EMCOR Group Individual Safety Excellence Award for his dedication to peer-led practices and his willingness to take initiative.

Manny primarily works in operations, as Environmental Specialties’ Director of Manufacturing; however, he has also shown incredible dedication in his secondary role as a Safety Manager.

In this role, Manny established a peer-led safety committee that encouraged team members to identify workplace hazards, discuss potential improvements, and work to implement the best solution.

The committee made it a priority to ensure solutions were actually executed, and Manny’s leadership helped keep them focused on the problem at hand until action was taken. This created significant buy-in from participants who were able to see their suggestions have a positive impact on the organization. Environmental Specialties’ safety program has benefited enormously from the input of employees on the shop floor.

Furthermore, Manny took the initiative to implement Lean production principles as a way to promote efficiency and reduce injuries in his shop. A kaizen process was created that focused on eliminating waste, improving productivity, and sustaining continual safety improvements.

The safety committee began participating in Gemba walks, which provided opportunities for them to identify wasteful activities and develop a deeper understanding of our value stream. Ultimately, these processes set up the manufacturing division to grow from $30 million to $50 million as their safety performance simultaneously realized significant improvements as well.

When asked about Manny, Environmental Specialties President Steve Ferguson said, “Manny continually improves safety systems and practices and successfully met a 65-percent increase in demand year-over-year without loss of productivity or increase in injuries. His leadership, initiative, and infectious attitude are major drivers of our safety culture.”

Manny’s initiative demonstrates the substantial impact an individual can have at an organization when they dedicate themselves to safety and set out to implement the most innovative solutions in the industry. He is a model for our entire organization!