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Dry Room Selection Procedure

  1. Control Level Desired: ℉ Temperature ℉ Dewpoint or gr/lb. or % R.H.
  2. Delivered Dewpoint or Room Condition Dewpoint
  3. Dry Room & Mechanical Room can be adjacent:

  4. Mechanical Systems must be (select one):

  5. Dry Room Dimensions: L W H
    Mechanical Room Space Available: L W H
  6. People (Max) in Dry Room when Operating:
  7. Space Available for Airlock: L W H
  8. Power Space Available: L W H
  9. Dehumidifier Reactivation Source:

    Steam (Indicate PSIG)
  10. Controls Desired:

    Temp & RH Recorder

    Hi/Low Temp & RH Alarm

    Digital Dewpoint Sensor

    External Interface

      ( )
  11. Floor to Ceiling Joist Available Height: Ft.
  12. Hood Exhaust out of Dry Room

    If yes, Exhaust CFM
  13. Sensible Heat Load: BTUH or KW.
  14. Refrigeration Condensing System:

    Air Cooled Location Preferred
    Water Cooled Location Preferred
    Chilled Water Location Preferred*
    Cooling Tower Location Preferred*

    *New or existing System

  15. Type of Floor Covering Required: