Frequently Asked Questions

Check here for information you can not find elsewhere on our site. This list will grow over time, so be sure to keep checking periodically.

The door swing radius is 120 cm (40”) as measured from front surface of closed door. The door opens a full 180 degrees.
Minimum suggested unit clearances are 16 cm (6") for sides, 46 cm (18") for back, and 31 cm (12") for top. Suggested location(s) for room air supply or air return grill is within 5' of chamber(s).
The Reach-In chamber can be tilted or laid on it’s side for a brief period of time. Tip the chamber to the right (as seen from the front) and allow no less than 4 hours in upright position before power up.
All Doublewide and Triplewide chambers are shipped in sections that will pass through standard doorways. Once they are in the final location they are cam-locked together.
BES Reach-In chambers are designed for easy installation. However, installation and Owner’s Instruction sessions can be provided at an additional cost by BES factory technicians. Our sales department can provide a quotation for this service.
BES standard Reach-In chamber warranty is 13 months from date of shipment. Extended warranties can be purchased.
PM and calibration intervals are typically dependent upon your company’s SOPs. BES provides an intensive preventive maintenance & calibration program to our line of chambers as well as non-BES manufactured chambers. Our program ensures your chambers are maintained at peak operational capability. BES also conducts calibration & certification of the process control instrumentation. The calibration is NIST traceable. BES recommends a semi-annual maintenance interval to service your chambers.
<p><strong>Level I:</strong> Completed manufacturing forms and uniformity test data is provided as part of the Level I FAT. Performance uniformity testing is conducted at a single set point. Temperature testing is conducted utilizing (8) Type "T" thermocouples located at widely separated points throughout the chamber. Relative humidity testing (if applicable) is conducted utilizing (1) relative humidity transmitter. Testing is conducted for (1) hour duration. Production Review Checklists for Pre-Checks/Configuration/Calibration and uniformity test data is provided.</p>
If the chamber will not be hard wired into the building, a NEMA power cord and matching receptacle can be provided at an additional cost.
The CCS can store years of data, considering a normal frequency of data points. A warning message will be displayed when the history file has reached capacity. You will be instructed to transfer the data or delete files.
BES provide both temperature only control chambers and temperature and humidity control chambers. City water typically does not meet the water requirements for the steam generators, and BES can provide water purification systems. BES can also provide water testing at no charge.
BES provides single stainless steel benchtop stands or stacking benchtop stands.
Yes. We can provide 4-20mA output signals, RS-485 communication lines, or an Ethernet connection. Please reference the FAQ on monitoring options for more details.
Yes. Each light source has its own sensor, controller and timer.
Yes. BES standard Reach-In chambers are built to meet or exceed METâ(NRTL), UL-61010 standards for safety and performance and carry the CSA certification
We can send electronic copies of the chamber User Manual and the CCS User Manual. The complete O&M will be shipped with the chambers.
<p>Dry contacts (standard – read only): Dry contacts are provided for connection to a building monitoring system, to monitor alarm conditions. A one set of contacts is used for high or low temperature and / or relative humidity (as applicable).</p>
The BES control panel features the CCS-3000 touchscreen control system which has integral trending and long-term recording of temperature and humidity (as applicable). The control system conforms to the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11. The integral recording has become increasingly popular over the common options of paper chart recorders and separate electronic recorders. Paper chart recorders and electronic recorders from popular brands such as Honeywell, Partlow, and Future Design Controls are available upon request.