Bahnson Environmental Specialties is now Environmental Specialties, LLC.


Our walk-in environmental rooms are versatile enough to simulate a variety of temperature and
humidity conditions  and strategically suited for testing, controlled storage, and laboratory applications.

Ultra-low Temp Suites

Our ultra-low temp suites offer multi-temperature storage for a wide variety of products, including samples of drugs and various biological products. 

Cold/Freezer Rooms

Our cold storage rooms are ideal for storing plasma and blood products, bulk raw materials, and hazardous items.

Warm Rooms

The ideal solution for applications like incubation or ramping, warm rooms offer stable, reliable performance year after year.

Stability Rooms

Stability rooms allow for precise temperature and humidity levels to determine if there is long-term, intermediate, or accelerated degradation of a product or its packaging.

Clean Rooms

Our clean rooms are utilized for specialized industrial production or scientific research and are designed to maintain extremely low levels of particulates.

Dry Rooms

Dry rooms support industrial and pharmaceutical applications—such as battery, medical device, and electronics manufacturing, and drug storage.

Archival Storage Rooms

Archival storage rooms are used for items such as: books, posters, maps, charts, architectural records, negatives, x-rays, microfilm, slides, tapes, disk, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, metallic items, bones, and fabrics.

Low RH Rooms

Low RH rooms can maintain temperatures from +25°C to +50°C while also maintaining RH levels as low as 35%— with ZERO dust particles and contaminants.