Bahnson Environmental Specialties is now Environmental Specialties, LLC.

Predictive Monitoring

Powered by OverShield

Cutting-Edge Early Fault Detection Technology

Environmental Specialties is now offering the latest in predictive maintenance technology through OverShield. OverSheild provides alerts to technical issues in environmental chambers long before they become serious problems—helping protect products and provide peace of mind.

Transform the Way You Protect Your Stored Material

This technology utilizes strategically-placed sensors within a chamber’s refrigeration and mechanical equipment to supply continuous performance data to OverShield, a predictive maintenance software, for real-time monitoring. If there are any abnormalities in the data that indicate potential failure, the system will send an alert, so that you and your team can review the information and perform any necessary service.

Advantages of Our Fault Detection System

  • Identify potential malfunctions in advance, predicting instead of reacting
  • Gain insights from chamber performance trends
  • Improve maintenance efficiency, helping expand staff bandwidth
  • Maximize equipment uptime
  • Save valuable products
  • Increase peace of mind

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User Friendly-Technology, Designed for Your Life-Saving Products

The browser-based interface system is easy to learn and use. Regular alerts can be sent according to your custom schedule, via either email or SMS text message if integration to your network is a challenge. Additionally, this technology was specifically designed with pharma and life sciences applications in mind, tailoring the system to the unique needs of this industry. Your life-saving products demand the most advanced product saving technology. Learn more about OverShield here.

Are you ready to take the step from reactive to predictive protection? Contact Environmental Specialties today for help.